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New ‘SA Current’ cover: 2012 Best of SA issue!

This week is the Current‘s 2012 Best of San Antonio issue — my sixth BOSA edition as Art Director. This year’s theme was “The End of the World” — in addition to more than 150 readers’ poll winners, we had photog Josh Huskin shoot post-apocalyptic scenes with model Hillary Swindell. (Also: Lawrence Mercado of Not Bot FX contributed make-up and props for the shoots.) I had envisioned a genre mash-up of pulp/grindhouse/sci-fi, inspired by apocalyptic film badasses such as Escape from New York‘s Snake Plissken and Sarah Connor from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. At 196 pages, this is the largest Current ever produced and took a lot of teamwork and long hours to put together. But the end result is totally worth it. Contrary to the cover tag, this is not really the last Best of SA issue ever — but it’ll be hard to top this one.

(And if the world does actually end, at least we’ll be going out on a high note.)

‘SA Current’ Best of San Antonio 2011!

The Current‘s annual Best of San Antonio issue is here, and it’s pretty rad. This year sports an all ’80s theme to celebrate the paper’s 25th anniversary. (Fun fact: The Current was founded in 1986 — I was two years old.) For the cover, I wanted a Ferris Bueller-type, cool/smug ’80s kid with a hot girlfriend (think Mia Sara), and photog Josh Huskin delivered with with Jon and Sarah, replicating my original sketch almost exactly.

Ultimately, we decided that the pair didn’t look “’80s” enough — Wayfarers and skinny pants are in these days, and Jon just kind of looked like a hipster from 2011 instead of a cool dude from 1986. (Also not helping: the beard stubble.) So we re-shot with totally rad wardrobe from RG Vintage, winner of Best Vintage Store, and this time the look was perfect.

At 160 pages, this year’s Best of SA issue is the largest issue published by the Current in its 25-year history, beating last year’s by eight pages. Pretty cool. Also, I had more fun with the 1980s theme on the interior of the book … I included a few of my favorite pages below, enjoy!